Friday, December 17, 2004

Evolution of a Programmer.

Long time back, vishal gave me a funny and completely true perspective on how a programmer evolves after entering professional life. I just can't help sharing it here (especially after I alluded to that evolution in my previous post Technical Ladder Vs Management Ladder.

A programmer, in fact any techie, goes through three phases of evolution:
1. Jackie Chan - You are young, smart and energetic. Even though you can fight, you mostly dread the enemy (mostly the powerful ones). Your fights tend to go on longer and you are mostly beaten up by the enemy. Only towards the end, do you get a control on the situation. You don't use any sophisticated tools for fighting, you do it mostly with hands OR whatever you can lay your hands on (including broom).

2. Bruce Willis - You have developed a passion for fighting now. You have learned to use tools that boost your productivity by killing enemies faster. Also, you keep a tight control over the enemy right from the begining. But you still can't do it without getting hurt. You are so involved in fighting that you have blood running down your face and you run bare-foot on glass pieces.

3. James Bond - This is what you eventually become. Calm, fast and effortless. You have equipped yourself with an array of extremely sophisticated tools. With these tools, you can not only kill scores of people by just turning the cap of your pen, you also know how to keep yourself unhurt. Finishing a task is just a cinch for you. And by the way, you have also learnt to indulge in non-technological pleasures ;)


At 4:43 PM, Blogger t-mix said...

Wow, this is good. Funny and to the heat of it.

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